Anti-Aging Facial




At Ardor Laser and Skin Care, we know the quest for most clients is to obtain a more beautiful and youthful complexion.  The Anti-Aging facial provides your skin with an age-defying regimen targeted for mature skin types. A must for over 40 and can be considered for those in their late 20’s and 30’s when your skin is subject to harsh environments such as cities and excessive sun.  As we age we lose collagen, a substance that provides your skin with a natural tightening element and rich appearance. It takes time for healthy new skin to make its way back to the surface and this time to new skin regeneration degrades with age. This makes your skin look dull and thin. The Ardor Anti-Aging facial stops this process dead in its tracks and strips that dull layer off allowing for your younger new skin exposed for you to Ardor your skin.