Aerolase Neo Elite is a secure and effective laser appropriate for patients with various skin tones, textures, and sensitivity levels. This technology removes the days of utilizing multiple laser technology based on a patient’s skin quality. The Aerolase Neo Elite is an Aesthetic Medical Laser that enables a delicate and complete enhancement that rejuvenates the skin regardless of skin type and texture. The Aerolase Neo Elite’s unparalleled 650-microsecond innovative technology is drawn to a mixture of melanin, water, and hemoglobin within the skin’s tissue. This combination of these elements in the skin’s tissue contributes to the adverse signs of aging skin.

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The Aerolase Neo Elite Laser produces energy that penetrates the skin while distinguishing the elements targeted with heat that enables the skin to gain a clear and healthier appearance. The energy from this advanced laser penetrates the epidermis and dermis, which lies beneath the skin’s surface and ruptures the melanin reservoirs while alleviating the inflammation and redness. Due to the remarkable variables of the Neo Elite’s energy, this procedure is highly acceptable while allowing for marginal risk factors. Many laser treatments were not an option for many patients due to skin pigment issues, but this innovative technology is no longer the case. This treatment is also able to be combined with various facials for optimal results.

This laser treatment targets various skin conditions such as; acne, psoriasis, skin laxity, stretch marks, and unwanted freckles. These conditions are just a few treatment options available. This laser spans a wide variety of skin techniques that cross ethnic and age barriers to benefit healthy and youthful skin. The Aerolase Neo Elite creates rejuvenated skin that enhances collagen production and skin elasticity to make an appearance that is healing itself from the internal epidermis and dermis responsible for the nutritional elements in the skin that are altered as we age.