Diolaze is an innovative technology that integrates the Optimas Inmode system for hair removal with safe and effective results that reduce hair growth. This system targets the follicle’s laser light energy that the pigment is the hair follicle shaft. When the pigment consumes the energy, it begins to damage the follicle, and the components that promote hair growth begins reducing production. Time and damage allow the follicle to stop growing new hair for the beneficial results of hair removal features that allow for a cleaner hygienic look and feel. This treatment utilizes technological advancements and a cooling component to ensure the patient is provided a comfortable and pain-free procedure for an experience that does not harbor uncomfortable features.

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The ideal candidate for this treatment are individuals that are plagued with dark follicle hair but possess a fair complexion. This skin quality is the most significant for the laser light energy finding the pigment in the hair follicle shaft within the skin. Due to the concentration of light, UV protective goggles must be worn by the patient and technician, and upon request, a topical numbing agent can be utilized for added comfort. Still, this minimally invasive treatment is well tolerated. Following the Diolaze from Optimas Inmode treatment, the patient may encounter redness and sensitivity but generally, fade quickly.

The treatment area will require sunscreen because laser light treatment often creates your skin to become photosensitive. Treatment downtime is minimal, and the return to typical daily activities can begin immediately. Optimal results require approximately six treatments that allow for up to 90% reduction in the body’s hair growth and production. After the entire treatment course, maintenance will be needed, but scheduling depends on the treatment area, skin tone, and hair color. Results will vary depending on the patient and provider’s personalized treatment plan for the individual’s needs and wants.