NeoClear by Aerolase allows patients that possess all ages and types of skin to utilize a secure, efficient, and bearable procedure that targets acne using the advanced 650-microsecond technology. NeoClear is a dynamic acne treatment that eradicates the features that cause persistent acne: Sebum production within the hair follicle, inflammation, and p acnes bacteria, commonly resulting in acne vulgaris. NeoClear can accomplish what would require multiple forms of treatments and medication with just the use of one technologically advanced machine. The exclusive settings of the 650-microsecond equipment enable Energy to infiltrate deep into the skin that provides a safe and effective pulse to reduce the elements that cause acne while alleviating active acne breakout and halting them in the future. The Energy also assists in increasing the production of collagen, which aids the skin in reducing acne scars’ appearance while leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

NeoClear is a specialized laser procedure that offers no side effects and provides comfort for patients and creates visible results quickly and often with one individual treatment. NeoClear is an excellent alternative for patients that prefer a treatment that does not involve medication while many cannot take them at all. The NeoClear procedure takes approximately 10-30 minutes, dependent on the acne severity and the treatment area. This procedure can occur without anesthetics or skin cooling and many times without touching the skin.
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