The 3D Laser Facial is an innovative and technology-based facial treatment that utilizes laser technology to create a skincare regimen that targets acne, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles during the aging process. This treatment starts with applying a carbon mask to the skin, and this facial mask will painlessly cleanse the skin while exfoliating that will allow the pores to tighten. This treatment will create a skin quality that bright with an even tone of the skin. The result will be rejuvenating skin quality that gives the appearance of radiance.

After the carbon facial mask is in place, laser light is passed over the carbon mask that infiltrates the epidermis upper layer of tissue. The laser light is attracted to the particles in the carbon mask, which all oils, dead skin, and contaminants to be removed during the facial treatment. This procedure is non-invasive, which allows for no downtime, so an immediate return to typical daily activities is reasonable.

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This treatment recommends repeated treatments approximately four times a year. Still, there is no limit to the therapy. At the same time, many patients maintain this process bi-weekly to monthly since it is available any time of year with benefits to the skin throughout the year to continue with an even skin tone. Before the procedure occurs, avoiding tanning beds, spray tans, and extensive exposure to the sun for 1-2 weeks is under advisement due to laser technology.

The personalized treatment plan is designed for your skincare needs and wants and tailored to your skin and appearance goals. At Ardor Laser & Skincare, your comfort and skincare needs are our priority to ensure you enjoy and benefit from the spa environment that we provide. The patient’s appearance will affect their spirit, and through some self-care and relaxation, rejuvenation can occur to bring positive reflections.