Ardor Laser & Skincare understands that you seek alternatives to enhance your appearance and gain access to the youthful features beneath your aging skin. Our Anti-aging facial supplies your face defying nutrition that targets advanced skin types. This facial provides a benefit for anyone over 40. It can also benefit clients in their 20s and 30s when their skin has damage due to environmental factors such as excessive sun and pollution from city living.

The aging process reduces collagen production in the skin, giving its flexible design that tightens the skin, leaving your skin to appear dull and fragile. When collagen and elastin in the skin decrease, wrinkles, and fine lines become more defined, allowing your skin to take an aged appearance, but a facial may be the exact thing you need to enhance your features. Our facial allows your spa experience to utilize the self-care environment that we all require from time to time.

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Our Facial begins with skin cleansing to remove any dirt, make-up, or bacteria attached to the skin before the mask is applied. This practice will ensure there is no barrier between your skin and the mask for optimal results. Your facial will promote relaxation, glowing skin, and rejuvenation to create a natural-looking skin quality you can be proud to possess.

The Anti-aging facial can be an added feature to many treatment options; with a personalized treatment plan that you and the provider develop, your skin can achieve the look and feel you have been looking to accomplish. You only have the skin you utilize, so give it the Ardor treatment and boost your appearance with the pampering you deserve.