An anti-aging chemical peel produces the benefit of exfoliating the skin with chemicals allowing for skin hydration. Chemical peels possess a differing depth of the skin for a more comprehensive target range. A TCA chemical peel will focus on different centers for overall results, with the medium depth targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

This chemical peel is a moderately quick treatment, so if you are coming to your appointment from work, ensure you have the means to remove your make-up before the procedure. First, your technician will use acetone to reduce the bacteria and dirt that the skin possesses. Next, the technician will apply an ointment protectant to the corners of the eyes, nose, and lips where they plunge, and the peel potentially will accumulate.

Afterward, the chemical peel process begins with the application of the solution with a cotton applicator. This step initiates the tinkling or slight warmth that the patient may feel dependent on the treatment area because the regions will have differing responses. A fan will often provide comfort with deeper depth chemical peels finding comfort in using a mild anesthetic.

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After the procedure, a skincare regimen will need to happen as your skin will display peeling while the healing process is taking place. Limiting sun and UV exposure is necessary, and when this is avoidable, proper sun protection will allow the skin to heal without damaging the skin that is healing. This peeling process can last from 4-10 days, and peeling the excess skin does not speed the healing. A regular skin care regimen can continue when the skin’s recovery is complete.

The TCA chemical peel is the most adaptable because of the adjustments from superficial to maximum depths. In addition, the anti-aging chemical peel allows for a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles through the natural healing properties of the body through a non-invasive treatment that often can happen between a busy schedule.