At Ardor Laser and Skincare, we strive to provide a vast array of cosmetic services to meet our client’s needs. Our mission is to allow our passion to supply you will the supreme quality of care to provide comfort, security, and a welcoming experience. This positive experience is intended to allow you the spa experience to heal the mind and body to ensure your self-esteem reaches your ultimate potential.

Our founder Tasha Phillips is a Registered Nurse with her B.S.N. with over 20 years of experience. Tasha’s passion for her clients’ well-being shines through her need to assist people in looking and feeling extraordinary. The commitment Tasha offers her patience at every interaction creates long and productive relationships with the same goal in mind. Tasha’s personalized treatment plan gives a voice to the patient to ensure they can enact all the features they would like to improve.

Our enhancements are for that natural-looking glow for a younger feel and appearance for aging adults. Seeking that harmonious mind and body experience will restore the youthful appearance and persona you have been missing to bring the whole body and mind together. This process promotes the inner body and creates the image that will best suit the patient through a proven measure that boosts how the patient sees themselves.

The patient’s physical appearance can give the patient a negative persona about their looks, creating an issue with self-esteem that affects your inner beauty. This strategy allows for a complete transformation of mind and body. Embracing your age and creating an image that works for you will enable contentment to set in through the approach of self-love.

Ardor Laser and Skincare offer the nostalgic New York City treatment while treating the whole person, boosting self-esteem, appearance, and wellness. Tasha believes you need the Ardor treatment to fulfill that burning desire to embrace the younger-looking and feeling you!