Lumecca is an Intense pulsed light therapy that targets skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, age spots, port wine stains, and spider veins. This procedure is most popular on the neck, chest, hands, and facial areas but has a wide variety of treatment options to benefit the skin quality. The Lumecca Intense Pulse Light Therapy has received clearance by the FDA and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure. This therapy option does not damage the skin, so there is no recovery time, and then return to daily living happens immediately after the treatment is concluded. Results are visible after two treatments that are safe and effective for light to light brown skin complexions.

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The Lumecca IPL Therapy begins with your technicians providing you with a set of UV goggles to protect the eyes during the procedure and a local anesthetic topical agent before the handpiece targets the treatment area. The intense pulsed light combined with heat targets the skin’s surface by pulling pigment spots to the skin’s surface. These flecks of pigment tarnish and cast off over the next few days. This process also encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin to increase while allowing your pores to take a smaller dimension that gives the skin a firmer and tightening effect.

This treatment procedure is safe, but many patients choose to have the topical anesthetic agent applied to ensure comfort as the skin is heated; the handpiece possesses a sapphire cooling tip that regulates the heat to ensure the heat does not damage the skin. After the skin’s procedure, the look of mild sunburn and sensitivity may happen for approximately 48 hours. Recommendations are to avoid exfoliators for about one week and to actively apply sunscreen to ensure future damage from the sun is avoided.