Shaving, plucking, and waxing. TThese are the most often used ways for removing unwanted hairs from your underarms, and they all require time and patience. However, if you desire hairless, smooth skin, these are your only options, particularly if you’re on a budget. Nevertheless, if you have additional funds to spend, you could opt for laser hair removal instead. Before that, here are twelve facts you need to know before getting a laser hair removal treatment

WHAT IS Laser Hair Removal?

Before we dive into the 12 facts that you need to learn about this treatment, you must first understand laser hair removal. As its name suggests, it is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair. During the process, the laser will emit light which is absorbed by the pigment in your hair.

Light from the laser is then converted to heat and damages the tube-shaped sacs within the hair follicles which produce hairs. This treatment effectively delays hair growth for long periods. So if you’re considering getting this treatment, these are all you need to know before getting it:


If you’re interested in getting an appointment, you need to remember to shave it off before you head to the clinic. Shave your underarm 24 hours prior because it is a requirement that you need to follow.

If you got harder-to-reach areas, your doctor would be happy to do a minor cleanup. Your doctor will thank you for shaving your underarm before the treatment, though.


While shaving before treatment is common knowledge, it is critical to avoid waxing or tweezing your underarms. The laser is directed towards the hair follicle’s pigments.

Each session targets a proportion of hairs at various stages of growth. Therefore, if you tweeze or wax in between sessions, the laser will be ineffective.

Aside from waxing and tweezing, you must also avoid doing the following before the procedure:

  • Sun exposure
  • Fake tanning products


If you’re planning on getting hair removal treatment, you need to listen to the precautions your provider is giving. If your provider tells you not to put on any makeup before the session or do a little retouch, do it because your provider has your best interests in mind.

Why do you have to take off all of your makeup? If you’re not going to remove all of your makeup during the treatment, you will experience some nasty consequences. One of them is getting burnt from the spots that your provider is treating.


Aside from removing your makeup and following the don’ts mentioned before your hair removal treatment, you must also understand that it is not a simple procedure. It has risks that only a board-certified dermatologist would understand.

If you happen to run with an inexperienced provider, you will get nasty results such as burns and changes in pigmentation. So if you wanted to get your unwanted body hair removed, seek a board-certified dermatologist to achieve the best results.


Some would assume that undergoing any treatment which involves removing unwanted hairs in our bodies is a painful procedure. If you’re interested in trying this hair removal treatment, you may be curious if you’ll experience any pain at all. Any service which has the word “laser” in it seemed intimidating.

The process is quite simple when it comes to laser hair removal treatment, though. It only works by sending light through the pigment in the hair. The light is then converted to heat which damages the hair follicles and the hair bulb. The process sounds painful, but it isn’t too bad.


How long does it take before you finally see the results of the treatment? It takes two to three weeks after your first treatment and a total of 8-12 treatments before you get the full effect. You will also have regular appointments because your hair follicles grow at different stages.

The laser will target the hair during its active growth stage. After the first treatment, you may find that the hair appears finer and less noticeable, so getting regular laser hair appointments would give you optimal results.


People who have thick, coarse, and dark hair are the best candidates for this treatment. The laser removal treatment is attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle. That is why people who have thick and dark body hair are the best candidates for the treatment.

Although, it would take a little longer for the laser to work on thicker hair. Some hairs are very resistant, and some new hairs are coming out due to hormonal changes.


Just like waxing, there are skin care treatments that are not compatible with certain medications. If you take photosensitive medications, you need to stop taking these for at least one week before your treatment.

If you are taking antibiotics, you should put a halt to it because some antibiotics are photosensitive. If you have an infection, it would be a good idea to reschedule your treatment.


If you are using a skincare routine with solid actives such as retinoids or alfa hydroxy acids, you need to avoid using these products before your treatment. These products increase skin cell turnover.

It makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun, and it will irritate during the treatment period. Put a halt on using these products, especially if you wanted to remove those unwanted body hairs.


This hair removal treatment is as easy as counting to ten, and some even skip their sessions intentionally. While this hair removal treatment effectively removes your unwanted body hairs, it requires up to 8-12 sessions before you could get that smooth result.

Skipping your hair removal sessions is one of the biggest mistakes you’ll commit. If you want your treatment to be effective and get satisfying results, attend every session and listen to your dermatologist.


After your treatment, the first thing that you need to do is to avoid getting sun exposure. Why do you need to stay out of the sun? Laser removal treatment identifies the pigment in our hair follicles and targets, specifically getting rid of unwanted hair.

Your skin must be as close to your baseline skin color as possible for the treatment to become effective. Refrain from staying out in the sun for too long or any tanning products for at least two weeks before your treatment. Getting a tan can increase your chances of experiencing nasty results.


Not every hair removal treatment is the same. You, as a patient, must know that laser removal treatment is a process that is ideally customized to your body and type of hair.

Coarse hairs in the armpits or your bikini area may completely resolve after four or five sessions. Fine and thin hairs on your upper lip or arms may take multiple treatments since they are harder to clear.

Now that you have learned the basic knowledge of how laser removal treatment works and the facts that you need to remember before and after your treatment, you are now ready to book an appointment. The most important thing that you need to consider when looking for an appointment is to research.

It is also essential that you stick to your treatment schedule to get optimal results. Ensure that you will have your treatment in a reputable clinic like Ardor laser skincare and have it done by a board-certified dermatologist.

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