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EraPeel® Skin Resurfacing


About Aging Skin

When we look at someone, skin quality is one of the first features we notice. It comes as no surprise that addressing skin quality is one of the most sought-after skin treatments. EraPeel improves your overall skin quality by eliminating visible signs of aging.

Aging skin is an issue every person faces. It can start with enlarged pores or a fine line. A few brown spots or just a dullness to your skin’s quality. As time continues, aging skin can start exhibiting more prominent signs such as deep wrinkles and extensive sun damage. While everyone’s skin ages differently, EraPeel provides new solution for renewing your skin’s beauty.

What Treatment is Right for You?



Refresh is for those that want minimal to no periods of downtime. The superficial laser of skin tissue is refreshed, resulting in a smooth, glowing appearance. This is great for large pores and uneven skin texture. This procedure results in little to no downtime. More than one Refresh

treatment will be needed to address more advanced signs of aging.



  The skin’s outer layers are gently vaporized to reveal the youthful glow of underlying skin. Reveal is perfect for sun damage, brown spots or patches, and fine lines.



  A deeper procedure to completely renew the skin’s epidermal tissue. Renew is ideal for deeper lines, extensive sun damage, brown spots or patches, and acne scars.

Consult with your laser provider to see which treatment is right for you.